About Us

     The Paper Trail is unique in that it does just as the title suggests; it trails after the news.  Because newspapers and televised news reports typically leave the reader wondering about the backstories of the people, places, and events in the headlines, we decided to create an online news/blog site that serves to tell the rest of the story by filling in the blanks, providing additional viewpoints, and offering in-depth reports.  Our goal is to gather a wide variety of writers under one roof so that our readers can find topics that appeal to them.  Though our news-related pieces will primarily focus on the news from Corpus Christi, Texas, we will often explore topics from around the state, country, and world.  Additionally, we will offer topics of interest that serve to enrich the lives of our readers.  We have a user-friendly website with minimal distractions so that our readers can simply enjoy the stories.  We welcome your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to contact our editors.  We are excited about embarking on this journey, and we hope you will join us by subscribing to our newspaper and following our writers as they work to bring our readers a fresh approach to sharing information.




Any views expressed here are our own and do not represent any groups, committees, boards, businesses, or non-profits to which our writers belong.  Likewise, the views of individual writers do not represent the views of our editors.  We are quite simply practicing our right to free speech.

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