The Paper Trail Business,Flour Bluff Flour Fest Part II: The Pastry Wars Re-Enacted

Flour Fest Part II: The Pastry Wars Re-Enacted

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Jaden Ralston signed up early and could not wait to take part in the contest where she took second place.


Murphy Givens, Corpus Christi historian and writer, relates the naming of Flour Bluff as follows:

The Sept. 8, 1838, Telegraph and Texas Register reported that Col. Edwin Morehouse was back from Corpus Christi Bay after his militiamen interrupted Mexican smugglers unloading cargo on the Encinal Peninsula, a wedge of land between the Cayo del Oso and the Laguna Madre. The smugglers met a company of Mexicans on shore ready to load the goods on pack horses to carry into Mexico. When the Texas militia arrived, they dumped 100 barrels of flour and parts of a steam engine and ran.  That flour-dumping incident gave Flour Bluff its name, although the first usage of it as a place name has been lost in the footnotes of history.

     The Flour Bluff Business Association staged a re-enactment of the Pastry Wars in the form of pie-eating contest.  Ten adults, four teens, and ten kids took part in the contest.  Apple was the pie of the day, something the contestants may never eat again.










These two really wanted to win!




And the winners are…


Jennifer Pena, Kids Division Pastry Wars Pie-Eating Contest



Jeff Craft, Pastry Wars judge and owner / editor-in-chief of the Flour Bluff Messenger, looks on as Teen Division winner Taylor Zamora recovers from having pie up her nose.



There wasn’t a single bite left on Salvador Quinones’s pie plate when he won the Adult Pastry War contest. Thanks to Salvador for serving as a judge for the teen competition. He is an expert at pie eating!