$1.7 Million Savings Is the Really Good News of April 19 Council Meeting

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City Hall

     Good news! The new harbor bridge presentation was an exciting moment for the citizens of Corpus Christi.  Our beloved Napoleon’s Cap will fade into the past as a record-breaking, cable-stayed bridge – one of only 31 in the world and 9 in the United States – spans 1655′ at the widest point between towers across the Corpus Christi ship channel. It, like the current bridge, will be a work of art of which Corpus Christians can be proud.  Groundbreaking is expected to take place in July 2016.


     Good news!  Councilman Rudy Garza went to bat for Nancy Sibley and her neighbors in their effort to save Ridgewood Park from being sold.  Council members Carolyn Vaughn and Michael Hunter joined Garza at a neighborhood meeting where the citizens voiced their concerns.  In the end, the neighbors stepped up, spoke up, and saved their park for the children and grandchildren of citizens all over Corpus Christi.

Ridgewood Park

     Good news!  The ordinance governing ride share and taxi companies is moving forward, though maybe not as fast as some would like.  The council looked at what other cities in Texas are doing as part of their research.

TNC in Texas

     Now, for the REALLY good news!  Item 27 on the Council agenda SAVES the city $776,638 actual dollars this year on the same or better coverage in property insurance claims. These dollars will go into Residential Streets if Councilman Magill’s proposal to do so is welcomed by his fellow council members.  Carlisle Insurance and the City Legal Department staff worked hard to save city funds on premiums.  Item 29 refinances six eligible series outstanding notes and bonds payments to SAVE the city over $1.7 million in net present value. Those savings lessen the annual debt financing burden and free up debt capacity for future bond projects. Benjamin Franklin would approve.


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