Anyone but Trump

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Trump and Romney


     By the time anyone reads this, the fate of our nation may have been decided by the same establishment political hacks that have brought this nation to the brink. I refer to none other than the Trump-bashing elites, who believe they know better than the American people what is best for the citizens of this great nation.  They are the politicians that have promoted internationalism at the great expense of sovereignty, at the loss of jobs, loss of borders, and loss of dignity.  Not to be a name dropper, but I refer to the Clintons, the Romneys, the McCains, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, most members of The House of Representatives, and the Senate.  For those of you who are asking yourselves, “Why did he leave out the President?”I can only answer that this was my short list, and I did not want to taint it.


     It has certainly been interesting watching the antics of the media, whose imaginations are without bounds. You would think that “The Donald” must have been sleeping on duty when the Benghazi attacks led to the death of American soldiers and diplomats, or perhaps he jeopardized national security by putting top secret communications on an unprotected email server.  Oh, I don’t know, maybe he was so cruel as to lie to family members of deceased soldiers.  Certainly, you would expect the media to be stirred up about such disgusting behavior, but he did not do these things; that was Hillary.


     What then has he done? He has suggested that he would secure our border and deport illegal immigrants.  He has suggested that he would stop the migration of Muslims until such time as they can be properly vetted to protect the United States citizens from further radical Islamic terrorist attacks.  He has indicated that he would work to bring jobs back to this country and keep this country out of political wars.  He has said he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a competitive free enterprise system.  I know these are revolutionary words to our elitist rulers, but really, should that qualify him to be compared to Adolph Hitler?


     No, I don’t think so. The real problem is that he is threatening the status of the political elite.  They sense that they are losing control, and they will not stand for it.  They will spend tens of millions in attack ads in hopes of defeating Donald Trump.  No price is too high, no tactic is too crude, and no opportunity must be lost.  Therefore, you see the two-time loser Romney come out and do his song and dance routine, but was anybody really listening?  Did anybody really care?  Who would care what Romney thinks? After all, he refused to attack President Obama when he ran against him, and now he wants to attack the most popular candidate in his own party.


     But really Trump is bigger than that. We now have foreign dignitaries and the Pope putting in their two-cent’s worth.  The Papal hypocrisy is unseemly.  The Pope lives in a walled City but believes we should not have borders?  I fully understand Mexico’s position.  Their citizens come to this country, and in so doing relieve the burden on the Mexican government to provide for them.  Once in this country, they send remittance payments back to Mexico boosting the Mexican economy, further reducing the burden on the Mexican government to provide for their remaining citizens.  Open borders is a win-win for Mexico, but if it is a win-win for Mexico, isn’t it a lose-lose for us? Better than $25 billion dollars was taken from our economy and sent to Mexico through remittance payments in 2015, and that is just the beginning of the cost to this country.  Additional cost include housing, welfare, medical, education, and of course, the cost no one likes to mention, the crime that is committed by illegal aliens in this country.  Oh, I forget Trump has mentioned the crime wave a time or two.


     As I said in the beginning, the fate of our great nation may have been decided long before anyone reads this, but just in case it has not, consider whether you would like to continue to be dictated to by the political elite of both parties, or whether you are capable of examining the facts and deciding for yourself. And remember this, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell.


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