Chad Magill Seeks Re-Election to At-large Council Seat

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     On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, Chad Magill formally announced that he is seeking re-election for the at-large council position.  Magill held his campaign kick-off in Council Chambers in Corpus Christi City Hall where he spoke to a packed house. After opening with prayer and the “Pledge of Allegiance,”  long-time friend and avid supporter, 84-year-old Joan Veith, spoke in support of Magill.  Veith, who was sporting a t-shirt from his last campaign, said, “I’ve been around a long time.  I’ve gotten to know a lot of council members.  One who stands out is Chad.  Chad listens to the citizens.  He does his homework and does it well.”

Joan Veith
Joan Veith with Chad Magill

     Hugo Berlanga introduced Magill by talking about the man, his leadership skills, the work he has done, and his commitment to the taxpayers of Corpus Christi.  Berlanga praised Magill for representing every district in the city and not taking the “to each their own” approach of being an at-large council member.  “Chad wants to be there for those other districts so that everyone works together to solve the problems,” Berlanga said.  He then commended Magill for bringing zero-based budgeting into the picture as a way of increasing accountability and trust and for initiating the formation of the residential street committee.  “Chad cares about the taxpayers, is transparent in his dealings, puts everything on the table, and is not afraid to challenge staff when they’re wrong or show appreciation for them when they’re right.”

Chad kick off

     Magill took the floor and thanked several members of the audience, including his family, all veterans, fellow council members, his boss Mona Baen, state and county officials, CCPOA, CCPFFA, and members of city boards.  He then discussed how he is looking forward to continuing to focus on needs over wants,  improving the infrastructure, implementing zero-based budgeting, increasing residential street reconstruction, securing viable water sources, improving wastewater, supporting police and firefighters, and practicing leadership by multiplication.

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Magill ended with this statement:  “There are over 1200 cities in Texas.  Corpus Christi is in the top eight.  We need to stop behaving like we’re at the bottom of the 1200.”

A reception was held at Taqueria Garibaldi on Staples following the kick-off.

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