Climate Hustle or Inconvenient Truth?

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     Harley MoodyThe following article was written by Dr. Harley Moody, a scientist well-versed in  global warming and a co-producer of the film Climate Hustle, the antithesis to An Inconvenient Truth.

     “The following is a summary of my findings after 16 years of delving into the Anti-Global Warming/Climate Control (AGW/CC) issue.  In the beginning it was hard to sort out the truth, but these days it should be easy.  Yet, many otherwise smart scientists, economists, journalists, and politicians still don’t get it.  Most people don’t understand why I have engaged in this issue, but I see it as fundamental to Science as a basis for setting sound policy in government.  The Scientific Method replaced superstition historically, and this has led to most of our technological advances.  To see Science fail in spite of the built in mechanisms of experimental verification, transparency, the peer review process, evidence, and logic is appalling.  To observe the vilification and prosecution of dissenting scientists makes me realize how tentative our freedom really is.”  Dr. Harley Moody

     The Socialist/Marxist/Progressives in our country are riding the Green/Environmental movement to force their ideology onto the people.   They claim that the fundamental socio/economic transformation is necessary to save the planet from man-produced CO2 which is responsible for dangerously warming the planet causing all manner of apocalyptic scenarios.  These ideologues have failed on the science, so now they want to silence any opposition by the threat of civil and criminal prosecution of any dissenters (RICO).
     I saw the red flags 16 years ago and set out to determine the facts, and to understand the failure of the scientific community to rectify this situation.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that so called “scientists” were willing to abandon the Scientific Method and to be silenced by the power structure since the purse strings were controlled by the government which is hell-bent on the transformation.  I began attending international climate change conferences sponsored by the Heartland Institute and others, and forwarding information to several scientists at TAMU-CC whom I knew from graduate school days.  I read many books and studied the science on man-made global warming/climate change (AGW/CC) and met many of the top scientists in this field.
     The Bedfellows (the social radicals, the power hungry politicians, the environmental extremists, the special interests, and the compliant scientists) have a common interest in demonizing CO2 as an excuse to suppress energy to accomplish their objectives.  This ranges from social transformation to power and control to self interest to saving the planet.  The social radicals saw the opportunity to piggyback on the green movement to accomplish their agendas (remember the communist Green Czar, Van Jones); the scientific community naively provided the means; the politicians were happy to pursue power, control, and money; the environmental extremists took over the environmental movement turning it into a religion; and the special interests will get in bed with anyone to make money.  The suppression of hydrocarbon energy is the means to the goals of the Bedfellows, and the consequences of energy suppression is catastrophic for the poor and threatens our freedom.
     If CO2 is really a harmless and beneficial gas that does not significantly warm the earth, then the House of Cards collapses.  CO2 is our friend as the agent of photosynthesis, it is not toxic or a pollutant, and more is better for all plants and animals.  Steve Goreham does an excellent job of reviewing the science and alarmist history regarding the demonization of CO2, and the scientific fallacy.  Thousands of real scientists have spoken out on this scientific scandal, but there is a big price to pay for those questioning the orthodoxy.  The skeptics have been labeled as Deniers (as in Holocaust Deniers), Flat Earthers, shills of Big Oil.  They have received death threats, been denied tenure, restricted from publishing in scientific journals, pressured by their colleagues, deprived of employment, and are now threatened with civil and criminal prosecution (The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon).

Reference:  “Increased Human Emissions Has Its Benefits” by Lloyd Bentsen , NCPA, July 14, 2014

     The only chance we have to save our country and our freedom is to elect a Republican, any Republican, in November.  This was never about the science.  It has always been political and financial. The suppression of energy is the means (Alinsky) to expand entitlements and create social unrest to keep the Progressives in power long enough to complete the transformation.  Exposing the AGW/CC fraud is essential to expose the Madness that has captivated the world (See clip from Climate Hustle where the environmentalist whacks blow up children who are skeptics).   Instill enough fear in people, and they will instinctively go along with almost anything, thinking that their survival is at stake.  And, just about everyone (except ISIS) wants to act responsibly to save the planet and the polar bears.