It’s All Fake

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WikiHow to Stop Being Scared After Watching Scary Movies

     At an early age, I recall seeing something scary on television and being frightened. My dad was not one to provide comfort in a usual sense, but provided an explanation of entertainment that I still recall.  He told me there was nothing to fear, that the events were not real, that it was a fantasy, a fake, and a fraud.   He demonstrated his mastery of the monster by turning off the television.  He went on to explain that it was merely entertainment, and that the people were not real but mere actors, and that the monsters too were actors dressed in costumes.  He cautioned me not to believe what I saw on television because it was all fake.

     I accepted his explanation, but in time, I felt a bit of resentment because I could not suspend my disbelief. I knew it was all fake, and for that reason, I found it less entertaining.  It was as though I found out about the Santa Claus truth too soon.  So, instead of spending a lot of idle time in front of the television, I spent my time doing real things outdoors; riding bikes, climbing trees, building forts, blazing trails, playing games, swimming, and more.  I was much too busy to be concerned about television being fake, and I understood that actors were just ordinary people with a talent for timing and delivery.

    I now find it interesting that entertainers do not understand their own limitations. Over the last year, entertainers enthusiastically demonstrated their support for Hillary Clinton.  Many promised to leave the country and move to Canada if Hillary lost.  Unfortunately, none has left.  Entertainers are so caught up in their fantasy world that they do not realize that it is not real.  Like the characters they play, their political philosophy too is false.  Yet they speak with conviction hoping their followers will believe them.  I suppose some do, but actors are best known for their timing and delivery, not their wisdom.   They are so caught up in their fantasy world that they cannot separate fact from fiction.

     It is interesting to note that many have vowed not to perform at President Trump’s inauguration, yet many of the same actors and actresses have performed for dictators and repressive regimes around the globe.   Can they not see their own hypocrisy?   Do they not realize how foolish they look?  Perhaps not!  They are best known for their timing and delivery not their wisdom.

      Perhaps actors could still learn a bit from Katherine Hepburn who said, “Acting is the most minor of gifts. After all, Shirley Temple could do it when she was four.”

Shirley Temple, Commons


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