Nearly a Million Dollars Saved on Insurance Will Be Added to Residential Street Fund

Corpus Christi, Front Page

City Hall

      Some may remember the October 27, 2015, Council meeting because of some very tense moments in selecting the members of the Ad hoc Residential Street Committee.  But, how many remember a motion made immediately after that by Councilman Chad Magill where he pushed for a more competitive insurance vendor?  That motion, seconded by Council member Lucy Rubio, passed unanimously and opened the door for what became nearly a million dollars in savings.

     “By doing something different – and adding into the language that our Broker of Record is expected to save tax dollars on what we pay for insurance premiums –  we saved $951,450! We couldn’t have done it without Carlisle Insurance being aggressive and getting us better coverage at such a low cost,” said Magill after this week’s Council meeting.

Chad Magill portrait

     To make this deal even sweeter for the taxpayer, Magill made the motion to appropriate this onetime windfall to Residential Street Reconstruction. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughn, and supported unanimously by the full City Council.  “Every single dollar in, especially what we save in our current budget, means less we have to depend on potential property tax increases this summer as property tax rolls come in from the Appraisal District,” said Magill.  “The solution isn’t always raising taxes and more money out of your pocket; we should do everything possible to SAVE tax dollars and prioritize savings to fund our highest priority needs, residential street reconstruction.”

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