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Propositions 1, 2, 3, and 12 Are the Most Important in Corpus Christi

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Proposition 1: 


Replacing the portion of Type A sales tax that expires in 2018 with the adoption of a one-eighth (1/8th) of one percent sales and use tax (Maintaining the current level of sales and use tax) to be administered by Type B corporation under Chapter 505 of the Texas Local Government code, to be effective for 20 years, with the use of proceeds 50% economic development, up to $500,000 annually on affordable housing, and Balance of proceeds to be used for construction, maintenance, and repair of arterial and collector streets and roads.

Proposition 2: 


Whether the Corpus Christi Crime Control & Prevention District should be continued for 10 years and the crime control and prevention district sales tax should be continued for ten years.

Proposition 3: 


To establish a dedicated fund to be used solely for residential street reconstruction and authorizing city council to levy, assess and collect a property tax not to exceed six cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value for the purpose of residential street reconstruction, to be gradually implemented at a rate of not more than two cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value per year.

Propositions 4-11:  (Amendments to City Charter with No Tax Increase)

  • Proposition 4:   provides that the at-large Council Member who received the most votes in the most recent election would serve as Mayor Pro Tem in the event that the mayor is disabled for more than 30 days;
  • Proposition 5:  allows for procurement of independent auditor with terms up to five years;
  • Proposition 6:  provides for the appointment of two alternate members to the Civil Service Board;
  • Proposition 7:  allows City employees to file for nomination or election to municipal public office;
  • Proposition 8:  provides authority to issue bonds in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas;
  • Proposition 9:  clarifies the approval process for leases, updates the statutory reference, and eliminates the waiting periods for leases and lease amendment which do not exceed 5 years;
  • Proposition 10:  updates legal references in the General Powers section and clarifies the General Powers;
  • Proposition 11:  clarifies procedures regarding purchases and contracts in conformity with Stat law.

Proposition 12: 

2016 CITY BOND: ISSUANCE OF BONDS NOT TO EXCEED $18,350,000 (No Tax Increase)

The issuance of bonds for designing, constructing, renovating and making permanent street, sidewalk, and drainage, and any related improvements in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $18,350,000, and levying a tax in payment thereof, with priority given to the following (from City Council Meeting held on August 16, 2016):

RESIDENTIAL REBUILD PROGRAM – A beginning, jump start to a new program to reconstruct residential streets. This funding would allow for the design and reconstruction of residential streets in multiple areas of the City that have deteriorated beyond general maintenance and are not funded by the sales tax for street maintenance. ($11,000,000)

TXDOT PARTICIPATION AND MOBILITY IMPROVEMENTS – Continuation of program for obtaining matching funds to leverage State and Federal funding for transportation related projects including new bicycle and pedestrian improvements.The bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements will be in accordance with Strategic Plan for Active Mobility to create mobility options by strengthening walkable and/or bikable connections to key destinations. ($ 2,350,000)

ADA IMPROVEMENTS – Continuation of the City-wide ADA Accessibility improvements. The proposed improvements will continue coordination with the Street Preventative Maintenance Program to maximize resources and overall impacts for the city.  The work plan will include remaining transportation associated improvements from the 2003 ADA Transition Plan and coordination with the Committee for Persons with Disabilities. ($2,500,000)

DEVELOPER PARTICIPATION – This project provides funding for the City’s share of street and bridge construction projects associated with new developments when the Unified Development Code (UDC) requires City participation. This helps the City to ensure that the public interest is served by upgrading collector and arterial street infrastructure within new developments to conform with adopted City Master Plans. ($ 2,500,000)