WANTED: Precinct Chairmen for Nueces County

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Dan Hogan is a precinct chairman for Nueces County and a community activist for Flour Bluff.  The county is in great need of Precinct Chairs for this election.  Read his explanation below to see if it something that might be of interest to you.  Then, contact him by phone or email.  His contact information is in the last paragraph of the article.  This is a great way to make a difference in your own precinct.





     The smallest political subdivision is the precinct, a collection of neighborhoods or census tracts.  These precincts, when combined, become legislative districts for educational institutions or public services, cities, and counties.  When meeting as a group, the collective 120 or so precinct chairs for Nueces County comprise the Executive Committee for their Texas county.  These county committees hold county caucus to select State Committees from which National Committees are sourced.  All these committees are tasked with sourcing good candidates – that represent and advance their party positions and values – to run for public office and helping elect them to office through organized volunteer efforts to get their supporters to the polls and help raise funds to increase voter awareness of their candidates and issues.

     Precinct Chairmen in precincts where the winner of the gubernatorial election was of their party are the Presiding Judges for municipal, county, state and federal elections if they choose to work the elections as an election official.  The parties organize and pay for primary elections.  The Precinct Chair whose candidate lost the gubernatorial election is the Alternate Judge for municipal, city, county, state and federal elections.  This Judge and alternate staffing provides a natural check and balance to ensure ballot integrity.  The Presiding Judge has the powers of a Circuit Judge in matters pertaining to their polling place for Election Day and serves a two year term.  Staffing, work assignments, and legal determinations are the purview of the Presiding Judge in the application of law and smooth functioning of the polling place for Election Day.

    An active Precinct Chairman, in addition to or in furtherance of the above, will work with assisting candidates or issue advocates, deliver campaign materials and yard signs, as well as do candidate introductions through block walking, door drops, coffees, town hall meetings, campaign events, phone banks, etc.  Attendance at County Executive Meetings, State, and National Meetings, caucus and conventions are regular activities.

     There are as many different levels of involvement as there are individuals.  These are elective positions that, when unopposed for office, are not listed on the ballot and, when vacant, may be filled by appointment by their executive committees for the remainder of the unexpired two-year term.

     The next general election is Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  The Precinct Chair acting as a Presiding Judge, PJ, will hire two or three election clerks and see that they take the required online training provided by the State of Texas.  The PJ and alternate will take a seven-hour training course prior to the election.  On Election Day the PJ will arrive at the polling place up to an hour prior to the 7:00 a.m. opening to set up equipment, schedule the clerks as to arrivals about thirty minutes prior to opening and thirty minutes after 7 p.m. closing, and then deliver selective polling equipment and the election results to the county court house to complete a 15-hour day.  Election workers, judges, and clerks, receive about $9.44 per hour.

     One election clerk position is available at the Ronnie H. Polston County Building, 10110 Compton Road, CC, TX for the November 8, 2016 general election.

     Time spent on campaigning is really open-ended and entirely at the discretion of the individual Precinct Chair.  All parties need Precinct Chairs.  These volunteers are about as close to grass roots politics as you get.  For more information please contact the Nueces County Republican Party, 4639 Corona Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78411 361-994-9317 or 18th Precinct Republican Chair Dan Hogan, danhogan@mail.com.


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