You Just Thought Anti-Uber Policies Place Restrictions on the Citizenry and Free Market!

Corpus Christi, Front Page, Opinion/Editorial


     For over a month, Corpus Christi has been up in arms over the policies governing taxis and ride-share companies. Why?  According to those who work for Uber, use Uber, or just like the name Uber, cities across the nation are killing freedom of choice when it comes to calling for ride.  The topic of taxis and TNCs has dominated local council meetings, set social media on fire, and forced friends on opposite sides of the issue to part ways.  I find it odd since most people in Corpus Christi drive their own vehicles everywhere.  But, something is looming over this city that could create more restrictions in the way we live than anyone can imagine.  That something is PlanCC 2035.   If you like the freedom to build in an area you choose, want to retain the few private property freedoms you currently have, prefer driving the vehicle of your choice, and want to see taxes, city debt, and utility costs decrease or remain static, then you must pay attention to what is about to happen in this city with the comprehensive plan, the law of the land that governs what the city will allow us to do with our land. 

     If you want to know more about this plan, I encourage you to attend the Planning Commission meeting tonight (April 20, 2016)  at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall to hear for yourself what could be in store for all of us if this plan goes into effect.  If you haven’t read the plan, please do so.  You should read and compare the existing 1987 Plan, PlanCC 2035, and Councilman Chad Magill’s PlanCC 2036.  Then, read what citizens from other cities have said about the smart growth (aka sustainable growth, new urbanism) plans and how they feel the elements of these kinds of plans have bound them one little rope at a time.  Note:  Watch this VIDEO of Congressman McClintock talking about the effects of “smart growth.”

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