Corpus Christi City Manager, Margie Rose, Addresses FBBA

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     Corpus Christi City Manager Margie Rose spoke to the general membership of the Flour Bluff Business Association at its November 2016 regular monthly meeting.  Ms. Rose was appointed City Manager on July 12, 2016. She served as Interim City Manager, beginning on June 23, 2016 and has been Deputy City Manager since June 2014. Prior to that, she was Assistant City Manager for 12 years. She has over 29 years of local government management experience.  Ms. Rose focused on issues that would directly affect the Flour Bluff citizens.

  • A new traffic light at Purdue and Flour Bluff will be installed in 2017 as part of the 2014 Bond traffic signal project.
  • 18 Flour Bluff streets will receive seal coats or overlays beginning in the spring of 2017.
  • Laguna Madre Wastewater Treatment Plant capital improvements are occurring now.  As part of the City’s long range plan, the plant may be eliminated as part of the Wastewater Consolidation Plan.
  • The City partnered with NASCC will be working in 2017 to improve the truck staging area at the main gate to improve traffic flow and safety.
  • Parts of the 2012 and 2014 bonds include projects in Flour Bluff.  (Parker Park is part of the 2012 Bond.)
  • Passage of Proposition 1 in the recent election will allow the City to replace the portion of Type A sales tax that expires in 2018 with the adoption of a one-eighth (1/8th) of one percent sales and use tax (about $7.5 million).  Of these funds, 50% goes to economic development, up to $500,000 annually to affordable housing projects, and the balance to be used for construction, maintenance, and repair of arterial and collector streets and roads.
  • Passage of Proposition 12 will allow the City to spend about $11 million of the $18 million to start work on residential streets.  Two streets (Rogerson and Ralston) are being used as a testing ground for reconstruction of residential streets.  These streets, not located in Flour Bluff, will become the reference points for future residential street reconstruction.
  • The Council has established priorities:  residential streets, water supply, and economic development.  In January they will come together to re-evaluate the priorities.  TCEQ water updates are being provided to Council on a regular basis.  Ms. Rose explained that even the filing of late paperwork can result in a water boil notice by TCEQ.  The City will provide their comments concerning these kinds of regulations.  This topic will be addressed at the November 15, 2016, Council meeting.

Ms. Rose asked those in attendance if they had any questions.  The following questions were addressed:

  • Where are we getting the consultants who will be working on the test streets, and what will we gain?  Answer:  The engineers are local and will be able to offer the kind of knowledge necessary to ensure proper construction of the test streets.
  • What is the status of the ESD#2 emergency services ambulance, which has been ready to operate since August 31, 2016, but has been delayed due to negotiations with certain City staff?   Answer:  Because this topic will be discussed in executive session at the November 15, 2016, Council meeting, Ms. Rose was not at liberty to offer specifics.
  • What is the status of the promised Litter Critter Program in Flour Bluff?  Answer:  Ms. Rose said that she would find out the answer to this question and relay the information to the organization.
  • Is Ms. Rose aware of the formation of the Flour Bluff Citizens Council?  Answer:  She is aware of the group and is looking forward to working with them on Flour Bluff issues.
  • What is the status of the Laguna Madre Wastewater Plant, and how will it affect future growth of Flour Bluff? (This question arose out of a concern about Flour Bluff Drive being reconstructed without a wastewater line and consolidation of wastewater plants to save money at the possible expense of growth in the Flour Bluff area.)  Answer:  Ms. Rose said the goal is to eliminate the Laguna Madre plant in the distant future.  Currently, the City has hired a consulting firm to create a plan that will serve the City in the best way possible.  She encouraged those who have a concern about this issue to let their voices be heard. (The video of the Council report can be viewed here.)
  • What is happening with the online application process at Development Services? (The question arose out of concern about the system being down and a lengthy experiences of lengthy wait times for permitting.)   Answer:  Ms. Rose was told by the Development Services that the online system was working well.  However, with the concern raised at the FBBA meeting, she will be looking into the issue to see what is happening with the implementation of the online service.
  • What is the status of the Navy’s study on the effects of wind generators?  Answer:  There has been no official report at this time.
  • Is there a possibility that Council member terms will be changed to 3- or 4-year terms?  (This question was based on concerns about the frequency and cost of training of Council members.)  Answer:  The Charter Committee recently discussed the issue, but no change was suggested to Council.

Ms. Rose stayed after the meeting to respond to questions from individuals.  She encouraged everyone to stay apprised of Council action on topics discussed by attending meetings or checking the City website for additional information.

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