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Plan cc

     “Is it still 2035?” asked Judy Telge of Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative at the special Planning Commission meeting held August 3, 2016, at City Hall.

     “It’s simply going to be called Plan CC,” said Philip Ramirez, Chairman of the Corpus Christi Planning Commission.  “Through our work we’ve sought to try to incorporate comments so that it is no longer this or that.  It is something unique and taking the best of both worlds and labeling Plan CC.  It’s a 20-year comprehensive plan, but it may get modified through time.”

Philip Ramirez

     The purpose of this item at the special meeting was to review and discuss the Planning Commission Subcommittee’s recommended changes to the July 2015 draft of Plan CC. According to the meeting’s supporting documents, “The Subcommittee’s suggested changes incorporate City Council members’ comments and other comments made about Plan CC since the Planning Commission’s last review of the plan. The Planning Commission will formulate a recommendation on Plan CC after considering these comments.”

     After much discussion among the 6 present commissioners, public comment was allowed.  Andy Taubman, a citizen who voiced his concerns with the original document at the May 18 public hearing had this to say:  “I want to comment on Plan CC and thank you all very sincerely for your leadership and for your subcommittee leadership.  I think it’s come a long way and really reflects a meeting of interests from a lot of parties.  I really appreciate that.  I found the last discussion with Commissioner Hovda to be totally fascinating because it is a microcosm of what this is and isn’t.  Does it represent what we’re already doing and doing more of?  Does it try to rule things in or out?  Do you read the language and really know what it means now?  There were comments as to whether it micro-manages or macro-manages.  Does it bring a process forward or not?  I think a lot of our issues have been addressed.”

Andy Taubman 4
Andy Taubman

     According to the background information provided to the Commission by Development Services, “On August 12, 2015, the City Planning Commission held a public hearing on the July 2015 draft of Plan CC. After reviewing the plan and public comments over the course of three meetings, the Planning Commission finalized its recommendations on Plan CC, which included several edits to the content of the plan. The Planning Commission’s recommendation was forwarded to the City Council.
“On October 13, 2015, the City Council held a public hearing on Plan CC, listened to public comment, and reviewed the Planning Commission’s recommendations. The City Council did not approve the Planning Commission’s recommendations and decided to give each council member the opportunity to submit written comments that would be forwarded to the Planning Commission for consideration. The City Council directed the Planning Commission to reconsider Plan CC in light of their comments.  Since the City Council’s review of Plan CC in the Fall of 2015, Staff has also provided suggested revisions to Plan CC based on stakeholder input, which are included in the draft plan for discussion.
“On May 18, 2016, the Planning Commission conducted another public hearing on Plan CC and, after the public hearing was closed, the Planning Commission began to discuss the comments. The Planning Commission continued the item to their June 1st regular meeting. No additional public hearings on Plan CC will be held before the Planning Commission. Following the May 18th public hearing, the Planning Commission voted to create a subcommittee to review Plan CC in light of the City Council members’ comments.”

Flow Chart
Comprehensive Plan Flow Chart

     Ramirez explained, “The intent of this document – should it be approved by Council  in some form or fashion as it moves forward – is to set forth through these elements goals and strategies.  The implementation part is going to be through the area development plans.”  Making reference to the flow chart in the document, Ramirez explained that Plan CC builds upon itself and becomes more complex and detailed as action items are formed.  He indicated that strategies that reflect future trends may need to be added to align the actions with the goals outlined in Plan CC.

Note:  Follow this link to read  the changes made by the Planning Commission.

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Corpus Christi Planning Commission Hears from Citizens on PlanCC 2035

Corpus Christi, Front Page
April 20 Planning Commission
Rick Milby addresses Planning Commission on PlanCC 2035

     On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, about 40 citizens attended the Corpus Christi Planning Commission to voice their concerns about PlanCC 2035.  According to the minutes of the March 23 and April 6 meetings, the topic was slated for Public Hearing on April 20, which prompted the large turnout of citizens at Wednesday’s meeting.

     According to the posted minutes of March 23 , “Ms. Annika Yankee, Development Services, read item ‘IV’ into record. Recap, this item was taken to City Council in November 2015, and staff will return to Planning Commission on April 20, 2016, to review the comments made by Council Members.  Staff is proposing to present all comments in the form of a matrix by element/chapter to make comments easier to read and work with. Plans are to provide edits to Commissioners (2) weeks in advance for their review prior to the Public Hearing at the Planning Commission meeting on April 20, 2016.  Legal confirmed that a motion is not needed in order to proceed with Staff’s plans and recommendations.”

     During the Director’s Report at the Wednesday, April 6, meeting,  Annika Yankee was asked to give an update on the status of the PlanCC 2035 material preparation to which she responded, “My only update is that the documents you need to review, I should have those to you by Friday morning.  It’s a little bit short of the two weeks requested.”

     Earlier this week, however, City staff pushed the item to May 4 and then May 18 saying that City staff needed additional time to prepare the materials for the commission’s review.

     The commissioners were encouraged to read PlanCC 2035 carefully and compare it to the existing 1987 Comprehensive Plan and Councilman Magill’s PlanCC 2036 before making a decision.  Some concerns about PlanCC 2035 brought forth by the citizens who spoke included:

  • Unclear/imprecise language of the plan, which can lead to bad policy
  • Missing elements in the plan  (i.e. public safety, fire, police, port, military)
  • Overreach of government on private property rights
  • Negative effects of plan on local farmers
  • Falls short in terms of being a “master plan”
  • Will lead to more government regulation and more private property restrictions
  • Too much emphasis on modes of transportation other than personal vehicles
  • Runs counter to Constitutional rights
  • Was created with the direction of consultants who are not from the Corpus Christi area
  • Agenda 21 elements included in the plan
  • Elements that infringe on the public’s rights

     All who addressed the commission thanked the commissioners for their service and for allowing them time to speak.  One person spoke in favor of the plan citing the elements that are designed to protect quality of life in the city and the plan’s progressive nature.

     The current version of PlanCC 2035 was sent to the Planning Commission for review in November 2015 after a 9-0 vote by Council.  As per the minutes, “Council Member Magill made a motion directing the City Manager to extend the time frame for council members to submit written comments for 30 more days, (until December 17, 2015) and to convey all council members’ written
comments to the Planning Commission, seconded by Council Member Vaughn and passed unanimously.”

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