Small Indiana Town Welcomes Honest Abe

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Crown Point American Gothic

     For the second summer in a row Crown Point, Indiana, has brought in  Seward Johnson statues that are on display in various parts of the city.

Crown Point Bricklayer

     Crown Point, Indiana, population 27,317, is situated 40 miles SE of the Chicago loop and about 20 miles South of Lake Michigan. Crown Point is the Lake County seat known as the Hub City.  It is known for its beautiful court house square, quaint antique shops, and covered bridge located in the county fairgrounds.  It was from this county’s jail that famed gangster John Dillinger made his daring escape with a so called pistol made out of a bar of  soap, although many claim that his gun was real. The feature film, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp was filmed there in 2008, which caused quite a stir in this quiet community.

Crown Point Court House

Crown Point Covered Bridge

     Crown Point is also the  home of what was known as the “marriage mill” where famous people such as  Rudolph Valentino and Cassius Clay, among others, came to get married  because there was no waiting period for those who just couldn’t wait one minute longer.

Crown Point Marilyn

     Last summer the city contacted The Seward Johnson Company to have eleven statues brought in to be displayed in various parts of the  city. Each brightly-colored, bronze statue is sponsored for three months by a businesses or organization at a cost of $2,250.

Crown Point Vendor

Crown Point Friends Talking

     This art project went over so well, that the city did it again.  Twelve new statues were installed early in April of 2016, with the main attraction being a 40-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Crown Point Abe

     I was fortunate to see these in person last year and plan on returning this year to see the new ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Crown Point Jim

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Constitutional Convention a Bad Idea

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In Wednesday’s Caller-Times, Rod Wolthoff thinks having a constitutional convention is a good idea.  But he is wrong; it is a terrible idea and here is why:

  1. The Constitution is not broken.  The politicians and judges who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution have broken their oaths.  And they will continue to do so.
  2. Once the convention starts, the attendees are not required to stay on one or two issues, such as a balanced-budget amendment.  In fact, the convention could turn into a runaway convention, and the whole Constitution could be scrapped.
  3. Who is going to represent US at this convention?  If you think it will be a bunch of conservative Texans, you are wrong.  It will be people from all political persuasions.  I am sure there will be plenty of progressives who do not think much of our Second Amendment.  Are you willing to risk our liberties on a convention that could take them away?

     I have seen a copy of the U.N. charter some want to replace our Constitution.  All the rights are government-given, not God-given, so they can easily be taken away.  Thirty-four states are required to approve this convention.  Only 17 more are needed.  This is a terrible idea that must be stopped!

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